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Thread: Please colored pictures in the collection book!.

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    Please colored pictures in the collection book!.

    Please, colored pictures in the collection book would make anticipated purchases of styles for all items so much more fun. How am I supposed to know if I like the daylight fade or the sunset fade for the truck cab when I have no idea what they look like. Or blue siding or gray siding for my house when I have no idea what shade it is. So, I am hesitant to buy anything, because I am afraid something I like better might come along later. If I could keep what I bought, (by the way, buying something implies ownership, not ‘renting’ it), then I would love to buy items and change them with the seasons, or on a whim, but I don’t want to rent them and lose my investments.
    So, colored pictures of all the styles, please. And ownership of styles purchased, then you will have added a very fun and interesting feature to HayDay.

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    It's get coloured when you purchase it from Maggy... You don't buy it in the collection book... and Maggy let you confirm and see before your final purchase...

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