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Thread: How Does the Report Button Work?

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    How Does the Report Button Work?

    A few minutes ago, I received an in-game notification with the link to the video of the Supercell Youth Board members asking Supercell Staff about the Report Button. I find it fascinating that the reports are sent to a Machine Learning System to prioritize reports read by human moderators.

    As I watched the video, I wondered how it relates to HD and then Jess said the feature will be coming soon to HD.

    P.S. I love Supercell's sense of humor. Jess used profanity in the video at 4:59 and the director beeped out her words, put a bar across her mouth so we can't read her lips, and showed the interviewers' shocked expressions which I interpret as "OMG! Did Jess just say what I think she said!? Oh no, she didn't!"

    Kudos to the director and the editor who worked on the above informative and entertaining video!
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    I thought it was interesting too. Didn't she say they are currently testing this on HD? (I'll have to watch it again).
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