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Thread: [FIXED] Sound and display issues after update

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    Quote Originally Posted by helloisitmeyourlookingfor View Post
    Someone, please, help. After the last maintenance update, the graphics to the game suddenly changed and got worse. The sounds changed to some bland ones that are different, the whole thing looks more pixelated when zoomed in... someone that knows what to do about this, please help! And before you tell me to do something that I've already done, what I've done is:
    -Cleared Cache
    -Freed up 1.5GB of space (like someone from support told me to, but I actually freed up 2GB)
    -I even had to FACTORY RESET (which did absolutely nothing)
    -Deleted a lot of apps
    So someone that knows what they're doing, please. Help me. >
    Same issue here. And yeah I also first cleared some space but then I don't know why, I factory reset my device. And still having the same problem.

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    Has this been fixed yet

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    same issue here
    device is micromax canvas elanza a93 and also honor p20 pro

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamirMishra View Post
    Haha! That embarrassment. I still enjoy playing clash with mid low volume. It's still a support for me while attacking or when I find a base after clouds.
    But when I open clash Outta home forgetting to mute the sound. I just pulls everyone's attention. Lol

    .. there are places and situations where you do NOT want everyone's attention, s'all I'm sayin' :-)

    TH12-60/60/30|BH8-| Farm with US | full stats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesterdeath View Post
    Huge bug. What, a bit like a tarantula?
    Kill it with fire. :3

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    Sound effects bug

    dear supercell after the new th12 update my game was going smoothly but there was a bug to my sound effects suddenly all of my troops resource building defences other building sounds are a little buggy they are not there usual sound effects and different sound effects appear in buildings and troops example: when I tap my buildings all of my buildings and defences have the walls sound effects and troops have other troops sound effects m I hope that you understand this circumstances because it is really bugging me .

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    Sir please fix this sound issue asap whenever i just start the game and click any otger defense like wizard tower mortar even heroes sound comes like sound like walls please fix this soon sir my email id is

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    Imagine a clan war mismatch thread with ten replies saying "I don't war".


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    Yes , I have the same problem in my android Intex aqua lion 4G. It looks too blurry when we zoom in . Sounds effects have gone bad , example - when I deploy my PEKKA, it doesn't said destroy & didn't laughed after destroying any building

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    Updated Problem !!!

    Updated to Optional Update but the Graphics Problems are Still on on My Samsung Galaxy. The Graphics and Game Sound and some Notification Problem.
    Debraj Mukherjee

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