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Thread: Need army th 9 without hero's but less dark Elixir and not lava loonion

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    Need army th 9 without hero's but less dark Elixir and not lava loonion

    Nice army not worried about Elixir

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    GiWiPe is pretty good. Giants/Pekka/Wizard - some WBs for outer walls - can add in a healer or 2 to throw on pekkas. Any combo of heal/rage/jump plus and 1 spell slot - CC any ground troop

    Dragloon - 8 dragons, 8 loons - combo of rage/haste or can zap quake 1 AD, can drop 1 dragon when farming for 2 loos and 5 WBs to get AK/BK into base if they aren't on upgrade.

    Giant/Wizard/Healer with or without a BARCH component.


    Goblin Knife - great for DE and for hitting zombie bases with just the goblins and giants w/o spells

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    Gob Shank.
    Mass Archer, or Giant Archer. or Giant Healer Archer (or Gob)

    Loonion (straight up Loonion in your camps. 24 Loon 40-50 Minions) is like 600 Dark with spells..
    if you can req a hound great, otherwise maybe try Max Loons in the CC, or a new Zap Dragon if you have some TH12s that have Barrax upgraded

    Mass Baby Dragon and a few Loons this will burn through your Elixir supplies pretty quick if you don't target bases that can help cover the costs of that army.

    AQ Walk Loons. with Gobs to clean up loot and maybe Minions to get damage percent.

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    use 34 loons 25 minions for farming

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