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Thread: Need a Strategy for th9

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    Need a Strategy for th9

    I am new at TH9 and I've lvl 11 barracks and lvl 5 dark barracks, lvl4 spell factory and lvl2 dark spell factory and lvl 1 AQ. Well I don't know
    TH9 strategies much, but I know lava loon but I don't have lava hound so I wanna know some other TH9 strategies.

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    falcon is an option for you Storm.
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    i would go for traditional gowipe until hound is unlocked...then laloon up to crysal 1 and gob knife down to gold .....

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    Witchslap went from powerful to tactical nuclear, unfortunately very DE heavy and you need your dark for heroes.

    I'd suggest HGHB for a while, look it up. Chews up low th9s, and you shouldn't be tasked with taking out big ones yet.
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    I do loonion, so 32 balloons, 26 minions, and 4 wallbreakers, the wall breakers are to break any walls so your heros can go to the middle and get what your minions missed.

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    I use :

    18 Giants
    5 wall breakers
    16 Wizards
    4 Healers

    2 Rage Spell
    1 Heal Spell
    1 Jump Spell

    Works fine for me, the queen walk gets most of the stuff.

    I farm on an average : 400k elixier and gold each + 1200-4000 DE per raid with this.

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