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Thread: Level 129 in search of new derby family.

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    Smile Level 129 in search of new derby family.

    **thanks to all who replied. I have found a hood to try **

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    Sent you a PM!

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    Hi Muggle Moo,

    I think our hood would be a great home for you. We are " Home at last", red dog on blue square. Tag number 98jpoy9c.
    Here's how we play....

    First of all it's a game and should be fun. No drama or strict rules.

    We try to give more than take .

    If opted in to the regular derby we do 10 tasks 320 each.

    Special derbies are the exception. We play those just for fun so everyone can join in. The rule for those is do your best, keep us out of bottom three and get all the rewards.

    Everyone is allowed to play at their own pace and as they want. Some of us prep tasks and don't take them until we are ready so those tasks will sit on the board. I keep watch and if a task is up for a long time I'll ask if anyone wants it before trashing.

    We do trash the goat milk task and wool when it's not part of a basket.

    We offer barn and silo tools if we have extra but only ask for them if close to an upgrade. Trading is fine.

    We use the neighborhood request only for the achievement and usually ask for wheat. Anything you really need, just politely ask in chat.

    I hope to meet you soon!


    Home at last
    Tag # 98jp0y9c

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    Woo hoo....we are looking for someone of your caliber for Friends, Family = Fun......I will PM you about our NH....we are choosy and want a good fit for you as well.

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    I think you’ll love us come and meet us, we are all you’re looking for x

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    Hey Muggaloo - you sound like a perfect fit for our hood. Sending you a PM.

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    You have lots of choices but once people join Spiritís Peace they usually donít leave. We are champion league and usually place in top 2. We usually have 12-15 in derby each week. Our hood is a little larger bc these are opted out members. I maintain this level so there are enough high point tasks to go around. We do 9 tasks 312+. Tenth task optional. Most of our members strive for all 320 and about half do tenth depending on whatís needed. We all save our trees as well. We are international,all English speaking, very active in town, friendly and generous. Most importantly we are stable with no drama. As leader I keep myself educated on strategy, glitches and any issues that affect the game such as viruses etc. we are pretty laid back, chat if you like, just have fun wo a lot of strict rules. We just like to win! Come join our family! Our emblem is a purple fish on a green shield. Our tag #82PJGR02. Be sure to use the apostrophe when searching.

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    Though, I'm sure you've decided on someone by now, I sent you a PM anyhow. lol Keep us in mind if things don't work out or if you're still looking for another NH. Take care!

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    I send you a pm too but MSouthern Has a fun hood too

    Yvonne Leader of Zissou :0)
    Tag: #2LCV92UO
    97 gold and 98 on its way

    Are you the addict we are looking for?

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    Hi Mugaloo!

    You sound like a great fit in our hood!

    Check out our hood Hoochie Honeys! We’re a fairly new hood but not new players.
    Champion League with 15 gold and counting.
    320/400 point tasks only and 10th task is required.
    We race to the finish and strive for gold. Diamonds not required but sometimes necessary to get to 1st place.
    Most hoodies participate in bingo and we’ve completed 2 and 3 lines.
    Chat on messenger (preferably) or kik.
    Hope to see you soon!

    Check out out our recruitment post;�
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