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Thread: Level 129 in search of new derby family.

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    Thanks everyone who replied. I have found a hood to try.
    Level 130
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    New NH
    NH name is Derby Runners


    You Welcome To Join Us

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    Well just in case you decide to look again...

    Hey ! We are looking for farmers that want to derby and develop their skills! We are looking for experienced players who are looking for a fun relaxing environment! We are looking for more towns to share with! We are looking for polite, friendly adult farmers.

    We are a champion league nh, so if we have a new member at a lower level not experienced with CL derby we will kick it back a notch now and again so they can develop and learn to have fun and win!

    Derby is optional. Opting out from the derby is ok- we all have lives! For special derbies we will do 400 x10. And typically 320 so (10 if we want to play an in it to win it derby)! We are not set in stone for any derby... we like it to be fun for all. Our only requirement is that all opted in players complete required tasks for the derby (as decided prior to start)

    Come check us out. Cloud 9. Pink cat blue background. Neighborhood Tag # - JP808LV.

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