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Thread: Dr. T bug and Reply bug

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    Dr. T bug and Reply bug

    Alright, this bug is really annoying. So, I tried to beat Dr. T phase 7 and I managed to come to HQ with cca. 10 zookas. And they are killed, so game over. I started reply to see where I lost lot of zookas and SURPRISE: in reply I managed to come to HQ with 8 heavies and 25 zookas and in reply I finished HQ and yet still 30seconds of reply left after all island is destroyed.

    Well? What is real truth? It was suspicious to me where I lost lot of zookas although in reply I didn't lost it so much.

    I hope others also noticed this annoying bug, right?

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    Hi Stile,

    What you seem to have is the glitches replay bug. In short, the replay is wrong and dont trust it. It is sad when this happens, but in short not to much to do here. I imagine something caught your 10 zookas, but the game showed a variation where nothing happened.

    Sorry for the bad luck
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