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Thread: new war matchmaking?

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    new war matchmaking?

    Hi... just started a new war. i have in my clan 2 th10 and 1 th9.5, all without inferno towers. before now, i never found clans with inferno tower. only one or two wars, but other members of opposite clan was very very low levels so it could be right. but now it seems similar.

    my question is: from now on, will supercell match only the th level? just to know... because there is a BIG difference from a th10 with 2 lv3 inferno tower and a th10 without them

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    Is this just an assumption on your part or are you referring to any (official/unofficial?) information from any source?

    Afaik there has been no change to the MM [or at least not a big one] with the update?

    SC has (so far) always stated they will NOT take the TH as 'the measure' for match making... there's so much more involved...
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    is only a question. i can't understand how supercell can match my clan with the one we found now. and we are lv 9, other clan lv11.
    can you please look at the image?
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    Can you post your war roster, or even your Clan Tag?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrags View Post
    Can you post your war roster, or even your Clan Tag?
    What's the war roster? Clan tag is #9VRC2JCY

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    I am not sure how you never saw infernos having 9.5s in your roster. We had such experiences in the past. And obviously learned from the mistakes.

    One such scenario is we had two mid weight 9.5s without bowlers unlocked.

    But the opponent was completely maxed th10 ( turned th11 with warden at battle day)

    One of our 9.5 deserted the war thinking it was not-winnable. But their #1 did just two stars on our 9.5s and we could win the war if we did 2 stars on their th10.

    As from my experience of running a complete Engineered clan for over an year. I would recommend you to stop using .5 bases if you are not able to handle inferno bases as opponents. Either use fully maxed accounts or do Engineered accounts but do not make it a half mix.

    And your top base should defend enough for your best offense (in case you have Engineered offenses maxed).
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    Its not always fair. Sometimes you get easy opponents, sometimes tough opponents.

    Last war we had 5 th11s, 1 th10 and rest th9s. We got matched with 6 th11s. So our top th9 matched with max th11. It happens sometimes.

    Few wars before, we got 1-2 th11s more but the bases were easy.

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    that will take out the .5 and .75 strategies

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    The big problem is also the 2 th11 minimax. With the new buff to lighting spell you can easydestroy a th10 9.75 base with dragons. Really really easy

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    Hopefully matchmaking will continue to match your Th10s with other TH10s.

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