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Thread: What is the 2 diamond rebuild do? Collection book question.

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    What is the 2 diamond rebuild do? Collection book question.

    What does the 2 diamond rebuild do for you on Maggie the Builder? Also, why canít the collection book show you what the different options look like? How do I know if I want the daylight fade, the sunrise fade or the sunset fade for my truck, when there is no description, and I canít see what they look like. That prevents me from wanting to buy anything. Also, if I buy a different style siding or roof, etc., and I donít like it, I have to pay to go back to my original house? Is that correct, and what does it cost, in coins, vouchers, or diamonds? Iím having trouble understanding the Maggie thing, even after reading here on the forum and information available when she started.

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    The two diamond restock gives you the opportunity to look at other options for Maggie-spending diamonds will give you another choice of item, although I’ve personally not done this as I see it as a waste of diamonds. It’s true that if you don’t like what you choose you would have to pay again for something else in either coins, vouchers or diamonds but there is no guarantee that you could go back to what you had depends what Maggie is offering on a particular week. The costs vary hugely for each item.

    If you think you may like a particular option you can click on it, without pressing “build” and see a preview of the design in the panel on the right hand side. It’s a small picture relatively speaking but does give you some idea of the final look. You don’t have to go with it if you don’t press the “build” can exit from it without spending anything. Of course you can only look at what Maggie is offering that week. You cannot see more choices without spending diamonds.

    if she offers something I quite like for a limited amount of vouchers I may choose it, but will not spend any diamonds on looking at other choices or on any single item. I’m not bothered about customisation-I can take it or leave it, so I mainly choose to leave it and ignore the feature.

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    Thank you for all the information. It has cleared things up for me. I still wish the pictures in the collection book showed what the different choices looked like. Iím the ďI like to know all my choices before I decideĒ type of person. I agree, Iím not going to spend diamonds on this, might spend some vouchers or coins, but not diamonds.

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    here is a site where you can view alot of the different styles, although some of them they have not uploaded yet.

    also, i have found out what most of the styles look like just by browsing other ppls farms in the paper.
    i agree though, it would be nice if the collection book showed u what all of the different styles look like, so you could know what to save up for.
    anyway hope this helps.
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    Agree completely. I have never in my life looked at a catalogue which only gave a vague, written description of things you may be thinking of buying. They always have colour pictures!! I’m certain that many more diamonds would be spent if people didn’t have to take a gamble on what they were getting and could see the finished article before spending. I know I would be one of them! At the moment, I’m not willing to take that risk!!

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