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Thread: lvl 60 looking for champion league NH

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    lvl 60 looking for champion league NH

    hello, I'd like to join a hood that do 9x312+ tasks,
    my favorite tasks are trucks, help, mine, harvesting, feed and animal products and I do 400x9 if it's a special derby.
    I couldn't join any hood yesterday so I lost today's derby 😭 , please add me and send me an invite if you think I can fit in your hood.

    my tag: #2CUUP2YPJ

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    ello from bams holiday hood

    hey ya fellow farmers,we are looking for new family members,we have 25 people in our family,were all daily players,we are from all over the world u.k u.s.a etc.were a friendly bunch (a bit crazy sometimes). were looking for friendly active english speaking farmers,you dont have to join in the derby but if you do we ask that u complete all 9task of 300 and above points.we also have a line app and facebook group so we can communicate if not on hayday,so if your a daily player and love to chat come and join us!
    tag #22V89RV8
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    Join Us Bean's Green

    Please read our Rec. Ad first before joining for Derby rules

    PM me if you interested to joining our NH
    you can also contact me in our FB Page HD-Bean's Green
    Bean's Green
    tag: #8LLCPURP

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    Sent u a request

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    Have you found your farming home yet? If not please consider our neighborhood! Our ad is as follows :

    🦄We have unicorns and rainbows! We have 64 Championship Gold!❤️Come join us lol ❤️
    ❤Hi! I am Gina, leader of the wonderful neighborhood called Farming Fools! If you are looking for a fun place to hang out while farming, come join us!

    We have been active since 2014! Almost 4 years ago we formed this great neighborhood! 📅

    We have won 64 golden trophies 🏆🏆We are
    amazing & awesome!!! 🐎🐎🐎 You can be too!

    If you are active, chatty and helpful, please consider joining our group. You will be amazed by our generosity and teamwork! 😱

    We are dedicated to running a peaceful and fun neighborhood and committed to making sure all of our fellow members needs are met!

    Championship league is where we like to be and everyone finishes all nine tasks at minimum of 310 pts.10th is always optional

    We are team players with great communication! We are looking for like minded team players. Humor is welcome!🐧
    **The leader may always be bribed with a glass of wine 🍷***

    Please be at least level 45 😀

    Also be over 21 years old, thank you!

    Please request to join our private Facebook group under the same name of Farming Fools! If you choose not to join Facebook group then you will be asked to join at least the Messenger. This is so we can communicate and very essential during BINGO derby week 🏬

    Search for Farming Fools! Dont forget the ! at the end and request in!

    Please be courteous upon joining by introducing yourself.
    We always look forward to meeting new prisoners..I mean members! 😍
    After joining our Facebook or messenger and reading the nh guidelines you will immediately be made an elder.

    Nh id is #GLLPRUU


    Love to meet you soon!❤❤❤


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    Melbourne, Australia
    ��WANTED WANTED, AUSSIE, NZ, USA, UK,UN players or thereabouts lol��

    WANTED WANTED WANTED ,Our hood is looking for 2 new Adult Members (no children) to join after this Derby.

    We have english speaking members worldwide, mainly Australia & USA, Someone is on all the time, we like Active, Helpful,Chatty Derby playing members, who love to have fun, come, check our hood out, we are waiting for you.☺

    NO Silent Players or Forum Traders - please don't apply! If you join our hood, you must be chatty.

    We are a Champion Derby playing hood. (Must participate in derby, ( unless you Opt out) - Minimum 9 tasks x 300 points. 320-400 for special derby. Your choice if you want to do 10,( a lot of our members do 10). We are very loyal & support each other to benefit the hood as a whole, very much like one big happy family. Our hood is team oriented -working as a team gets results. (Please dont apply to join if you are only looking for expansion items) - no drama in our hood just fun fun fun & happy farming. Yes we do the birdhouse donations and the Town. No delayed starts.

    We also have a Facebook Group just for our hood only, to communicate, make sugestions, keep in touch, vote, etc., which you MUST join. We look forward to meeting you.♥

    Our symbol is red cherry on a blue shield. Message me first,
    then tell me your level and what country you are in, give me your tag and il send you friend request, you accept then i can invite you to join,
    hurry before next derby starts.☺

    Cheers, Robyn the Aussie Leader.☘

    Our Hood is called: The Active Help
    Neighbourhood Tag = C9GLJ9C
    My Tag = C2LO22CO

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    Derby winning team is recruiting new players!!!
    Wicked Witches (9pjq88qg) is looking for new team mates. We are a successful derby hood. Send me a message if interested. Please see below description of what we are looking for:

    Our group is a derby oriented neighborhood. We formed this group so that we could develop a friendly neighborhood of derby enthusiasts and build a team of great players. Our goal is to help everyone in all aspects of the game. If you need something, ask. Our team is here to help. We help all players upgrade barn and silo storage and share town and land expansion items. Players will ask on chat who needs upgrade items. We also announce when our shops are full before ad is placed.

    However, we do have a few guidelines:

    ~ All 9 tasks are required of at least 310+ points during regular derbies and 320+ for special derbies . The tenth task is optional. As team players, we ask that you complete your tasks. If you are unable we have team members who keep revives and/or mining tools to help and can also assist with boat and truck tasks. Players who consistently have tasks that time out or who do not complete tasks will be removed out of respect for other team players. If you have a busy week and need to opt out that is understandable.

    ~While this is a very helpful group, if you are asking for items from others, we expect you to also be helping as well.

    ~All members are promoted to elder to help keep board clear of low point tasks and accept new players. We leave all tasks on the board over 310 points as players all have their favorite tasks. Leaders and co-leaders will remove tasks over 310 if they remain on the board too long or if there are too many of the same task types..will do a chat last call in case someone wants a task to remain as their next task because they are finishing up a task.

    ~ If you are doing a boat task, don't expect the group to fill all of your crates that ask for enormous amounts of bread, feathers, lobster, fish, popcorn, dairy items, sugar and other hard to store items. We send some of those away ourselves so it is best to ask if we have stock to help fill it. If you are on a boat task, a notice of the upcoming boat would be helpful so players can begin to prepare the items you need beforehand.

    ~We do not save tasks. Tasks on the board are first come, first serve.

    ~If you do not play your town, please go in and send your visitors away. This helps those doing town tasks during derby.

    ~We use facebook as a means of communication on things happening in the neighborhood.

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    Good 2 Sea U
    new start up with seasoned players
    request to join
    aiming to place each week

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    Hey ! We are looking for farmers that want to derby and develop their skills! We are looking for experienced players who are looking for a fun relaxing environment! We are looking for more towns to share with! We are looking for polite, friendly adult farmers.

    We are a champion league nh, so if we have a new member at a lower level not experienced with CL derby we will kick it back a notch now and again so they can develop and learn to have fun and win!

    Derby is optional. Opting out from the derby is ok- we all have lives! For special derbies we will do 400 x10. And typically 320 so (10 if we want to play an in it to win it derby)!

    Since the derby has become mundane to us...helping you to grow will make the farm fun again! Come check us out. Cloud 9. Pink cat blue background. Neighborhood Tag # - JP808LV.

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