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Thread: AZ player needed?

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    AZ player needed?

    Hi, really busy right now so I'm looking for a lower level TF (hitting Strong or CP) instead of taking a break so I can be active to keep practicing my AZ skills. Looking for a relax 10 man TF that is offensive oriented. I’m level 65 and over 1000 VP. Bring 150+ intel/W and never miss OP.

    VERY IMPORTANT: Daily OP and OP start time between 7h and 10h EST, I double dip. Please no reply if OP start time doesn't fit.

    Let me know

    Mister J
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    Wardell Mudcrab

    Our start time is 8pm Central. Hitting CC and DE.
    We are a 25 man TF though.
    We need a sniper for sure. We have a mix of snipers and hooka hitters.
    We have tons of intel.

    Really a good group of guys. We have been together a long time.

    Come give u a try.
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    Open my OP window to 7h to 10h pm EST. I know it's hard to find one if window is to small.

    Hope to find a new TF soon.

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    25 TF "I Am War", Is Now Looking For Dedicated, Friendly And Chatty Playerz.
    Grown up TF, serious players, no freeloaders allowed.

    Were Looking For Good Loyal Players That Can Help Us Fill In The Rest Of The Seat's In Our Pack
    We Do Daily OPz! 300 Victory Points Required To Join!
    30 OPS in the last 30 DAYS

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    Sides of Death #92CLPQOP is also a 25 man and would love to have you. Currently running Fox to CP with 100% completion. Op time is 9 p.m. EST. This is a great group that works well together and has a good sense of humor.
    Hope to see you soon
    Sides of Death #92CLPQOP
    Telegram: @Texinator
    "If it aint fun, dont do it"

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    Check out sas eliteforce1. I know you are looking for 10 man group but if you change your mind we are a 25 man group we do CC and DE daily about half our players use the girls but very relaxed but active good luck finding new home STOP BY AND SAY HELLO 😁

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    Thanks for all the invites but really looking for a 10 man TF.

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