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Thread: [FIXED] Sound and display issues after update

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    [FIXED] Sound and display issues after update

    Anyone else experiencing poor graphics? Not sure if this is a problem of my device or a potential bug after the maintenance break.
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    Si yo . y unos bucles de sonido

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    I didnt experienced this problem yet

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    I also have this very bad graphics problem after the maintenance.
    My phone is Samsung J1 2016 (SM-J120H)

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    Yup..Am hvng this issue....Hope its Fixed Soon..

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    Android sound is messed up

    The game sound is all messed up in my android clash of clans.

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    Yeah, today I noticed the sounds were all messed up, all the buildings do the same sound when you select it, and in builder base the sounds are weird when you attack other bases, it sounds terrible!! Hope this isnt part of the actualization.

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    No sound effects

    There is no sound effects when i tap on king, queen, buildings etc....
    Same tone is hearing when tapping on every buildings and heroes
    My device is samsung core 2

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    I have that problem too. Some sound effects currently are very annoying. that there are no sound effects since the last maintenance work Edit: Google translated

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    I have a similar problem after the maintenance my sound effects on heroes, deploying troops,and dark elixir drills sounds weird, however the rest sounds like it normally does.I am also experiencing Blurry images like it's being run on low level graphics.

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