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Thread: Level 35 az player looking for daily ops

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    Level 35 az player looking for daily ops

    Need daily ops, all offensive statues but only level 35

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    How many boats do you have what op are you look for bro we do CC and DE or sas eliteforce1 or check out our sister taskforce beach babes we do foxtrot or stronghold daily let me know if you are interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grousehog View Post
    Need daily ops, all offensive statues but only level 35

    Why not bring your main and alt. BOTH into the same group bud.....

    You were here b4

    Will drop vp to allow alt in
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    "the soldiers rc" check it out

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    Oxfordallstars are 50 man tf, no issues with intel, daily op, usually full but just booted a few who have stopped doing daily ops so currently have a few spaces

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    Mac Juice #2GGQY2VJ needs some new blood.
    We are a 25 person TF that does ops almost daily. Our members vary in size. We regularly do Foxtrot and beat it in 12 attacks or so. We want to do higher ones so we are looking for a few active members to join us. Our task force has been around for well over 3 years. Come join our funny, fun bunch.

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    25 TF "I Am War", Is Now Looking For Dedicated, Friendly And Chatty Playerz.
    Grown up TF, serious players, no freeloaders allowed.

    Were Looking For Good Loyal Players That Can Help Us Fill In The Rest Of The Seat's In Our Pack
    We Do Daily OPz! 300 Victory Points Required To Join!
    30 OPS in the last 30 DAYS

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