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Any advice on how you moved your once-war clan to FWA?
I am in a similar position but am findiing it difficult because when i announced the clan will be FWA i lost most of the members/they went inactive.
Ill send you a PM. We are NOT in the FWA! but I run my clan in a similar manner. now I just recruit active farmers who are willing to compete in the CGs. It took a few weeks for folks to come around, the ones who wanted to War serious had to find a new home. or just hit bases in wars where we get no compliance loot in the War.

but we only really had like 12 who were always in for war. so to me it made sense to make a dynamic change to the culture. we were only about 33-36 members strong then and a bunch (maybe 10) were inactive anyhow. so I cleared house of the inactives (kick/invite) and the low donation troop moochers. then started recruiting hard here and some on global.

Send several mails! ask the Co-leads and Door keeps (elders) to kinda screen the new recruits. I have my team welcome new folks to the clan. make sure they read up on our description and tell them the donation policies that are in place. and how things run generally around Wiggy...

Ill probably shoot you a PM in the morning
but it takes time and consistency. and getting the Elders/Cos on the same page.