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Thread: Level 33 Farm

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    Level 33 Farm

    Looking for an extremely active NH! Just got back inti the game about a month ago and im addicted again but havent been able to find a NH that's chatty and takes priorities in derbys.. Please reply if you're interested!

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    Hi farm! We are a small cozy,active,friendly, helpful group. We are in champions league 320/400 9 tasks 10 optional. The only thinning please opt out if you cant participate or we will do it for you. Sorry if that sounds harsh but its just just not fair to the other team mates to piggyback you. If you join youll be our baby lol. We are all fully expanded so our focus will be to help you get there. Organic touch is our nbhood, we would love to have you. Bicky

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    Come join our family at The Good Hood!!! We would love to have you in our community!

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    Hi we are a Very active hood!!
    We prep before derby and communicate during derby.
    We have members that are chatty but we also have members who donít and donít mind it if you do or If you donít! If you need something, let us know. You will be made *******Elder upon joining********
    We currently have 5 members and only one rule completing all 9 task @ 320/400. Tenth task is not required but it would be great if you could do one. Everyone usually does the tenth.. most of the time. We all help each other and will help you as much as we can. We are laid back and pretty chill but love the derby. Thatís what makes the game!
    NH name is CHILAX
    Blue checker emblem with red horse
    Come check us out

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    Hi! I would like to invite you to join The Playbook (yellow shield with red horse). We are a teaching neighborhood, with guidelines to help you succeed at the game, we are quite active and love to help our neighbors. Please consider checking us out!

    -Dani’s Funny Farm

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