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Thread: Daily player level 132

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    We are the HD Addicts Army. We currently have 121 gold cups and about to win our 122th. We are well represented across the globe. We do required that all that participate in derby must complete 10 max tasks 320/400. You do not have to opt in every week if you're busy with RL. We are friendly, polite, helpful and very self sufficient. If you're interested, we have a couple spots available. Send me pm with your tag and I will invite you.

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    Check out our hood Hoochie Honeys! We’re a fairly new hood but not new players.
    Champion League with 15 gold and counting.
    320/400 point tasks only and 10th task is required.
    We race to the finish and strive for gold. Diamonds not required but sometimes necessary to get to 1st place.
    Most hoodies participate in bingo and we’ve completed 2 and 3 lines.
    Chat on messenger (preferably) or kik.
    Hope to see you soon!

    Check out out our recruitment post.;🐝

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