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Thread: casual lvl 37 looking for NH

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    casual lvl 37 looking for NH

    iíll add what i can to derby, looking to be helpful and be part of community in chill NH.

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    Hi Pupster,
    You would be welcome to join us at Wonkey Donkey’s on one condition;we would want you to opt out of the derby. (Sorry if that seems harsh, but we are a competitive team, who take the derby seriously.)
    However, don’t let that put you off, as we remain a relaxed and laidback! You will find us helpful and friendly. We have farmers from level 12 to level 93.
    If you are interested, you will need to leave me your farm tag as we are invite only. We would be quite happy for you to come for a visit for a couple of days, just to make sure we are what you are looking for.

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    ello from bams holiday hood

    hey ya fellow farmers,we are looking for new family members,we have 25 people in our family,were all daily players,we are from all over the world u.k u.s.a etc.were a friendly bunch (a bit crazy sometimes). were looking for friendly active english speaking farmers,you dont have to join in the derby but if you do we ask that u complete all 9task of 300 and above points.we also have a line app and facebook group so we can communicate if not on hayday,so if your a daily player and love to chat come and join us!
    tag #22V89RV8

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    Search for The Good Hood we would love to have you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pupster View Post
    iíll add what i can to derby, looking to be helpful and be part of community in chill NH.
    Hi, we play derby most of us are high level, we have no points minimum we require 2 derby tasks done by everyine, most of us do all of them. Come give us a try! Wildfires is the name.

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