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Thread: Active derby enthusiast lv 80 in need of a 320/400 hood

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    Hi Shades , we are I'M JUST A BILL . An English speaking group of 10 ISO strong derby players who are team players as well to strengthen our ranks . We lvl from 100 - 140 in champion league . We could use a strong derby player like yourself . 8QV2R90U , yellow truck w/ blue background , my name is BOOTZILLA .

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    🍒WANTED WANTED, AUSSIE, NZ, USA, UK,UN players or thereabouts lol😊

    WANTED WANTED WANTED ,Our hood is looking for 1 new Adult Members (no children) to join after this Derby.

    We have english speaking members worldwide, mainly Australia & USA, Someone is on all the time, we like Active, Helpful,Chatty Derby playing members, who love to have fun, come, check our hood out, we are waiting for you.☺

    NO Silent Players or Forum Traders - please don't apply! If you join our hood, you must be chatty.

    We are a Champion Derby playing hood. (Must participate in derby, ( unless you Opt out) - Minimum 9 tasks x 300 points. 320-400 for special derby. Your choice if you want to do 10,( a lot of our members do 10). We are very loyal & support each other to benefit the hood as a whole, very much like one big happy family. Our hood is team oriented -working as a team gets results. (Please dont apply to join if you are only looking for expansion items) - no drama in our hood just fun fun fun & happy farming. Yes we do the birdhouse donations and the Town. No delayed starts.

    We also have a Facebook Group just for our hood only, to communicate, make sugestions, keep in touch, vote, etc., which you MUST join. We look forward to meeting you.♥ but no kik.

    Our symbol is red cherry on a blue shield. Message me first,
    then tell me your level and what country you are in, give me your tag and il send you friend request, you accept then i can invite you to join,
    hurry before next derby starts.☺

    Cheers, Robyn the Aussie Leader.☘

    Our Hood is called: The Active Help
    Neighbourhood Tag = C9GLJ9C
    My Tag = C2LO22CO

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    Hi Shades...are you related to any of the 50? Lol
    We are a small group but derby lovers... very competitive and helpful English speaking NH. We just formed this hood and have climbed to Champion league w no troubles.
    We prepare for derby ahead of time, communicate during derby and share tasks. Come check us out. We ask to request to join only to avoid being set back. Very proud of our track record lol.
    NH name Chilax
    Blue checker emblem with red horse

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