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Thread: A Casual and Friendly All-ages Clan is Looking for Active Players

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    A Casual and Friendly All-ages Clan is Looking for Active Players

    Our name is bro team: we are an all-ages and family-oriented (now, level 9) clan that is looking for active players. We are a casual farming clan that currently does war once a week (on the weekends) for fun and experience. Wars begin on Friday night.

    Lately we've been working hard toward maxing out on clan games. So if you enjoy clan games, we would love to see you.

    Clan wars are optional; but we love those clan games prizes. So we currently ask for a minimum of 500 clan games points.

    Our goal is to be a safe, relaxed, and fun space to build up your base and learn the game. If you are a town hall 8+ who is looking for a place to build and learn, give us a try. There is no pressure to stay if the fit isn't right.

    There are probably just two things that will get you kicked out of our clan:

    First: If you are intentionally rude, vulgar, abusive, and mean to other clan members – boom – we will kick.

    Second: If you park your account in our clan and then disappear for six+ months without dropping by to say hello, we will eventually kick you out. We understand that there is school, work and other life things that can interfere with game time; but we do like to see our clan mates from time to time.

    That's it.
    Really. We won't freak out and judge if you don't bring home any stars from your war attacks. It's a game and it's supposed to be fun.

    Our clan tag is: #GQQLRGPG

    We also have a side clan: Gemini Team #2OUP8QVQ8
    (This clan has been created as a space for members' extra accounts, etc.)

    Discord is a clan requirement. You can find us here:

    Clash on!
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