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Thread: Builder base problems !!!!

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    Builder base problems !!!!

    In this new update lots of new contents we are seeing but what happened to BB. I've spotted two problems (1) if u zoom in you'll a blur ( after zooming all things are not cleared when u see ) and (2) replays are not available now !
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    Replays are generally erased after major updates.

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    0) There's a Builder Base subforum.

    1) My zoom is unchanged on both bases.

    2) Any update or maintenance that changes stats and/or AI behavior must clear replays, since those replays would behave differently after the changes.
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    This is a main base update and they've released a lot of content. I'm a big builder base player but am not at all dissatisfied with the amount of content released. The builder base got a lot of attention in the last update and will probably be the focus of the next one.

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