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    [KNOWN ISSUE] Connection problems

    when I enter the game my internet blocked
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    Same issue...
    Galaxis S6 Android 7.0

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    I have some issues plx help guyz
    I installed the game but they are showing check your internet connection
    And my connection is strong and good

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    I have error with connection but my internet its fine..

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    Question TH 12 Update bug my connection

    I'd like to report this bug
    After update the Coc today, every time I start the CoC my connection downs and I need to disable and reenable my Data to get online again
    It is messing all data connection

    LG X Style running Android 6.0.1
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    It's blocking my Internet connection too 😢

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakovsakikavasaki View Post
    when I enter the game my internet blocked
    +1 .

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    Angry Connection Error

    After TH12 Update I get a connection Error message that tells me I am unable to connection to the internet on my tablet. I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game as well. Still same problem. The bug is so good that It also brings down my WIFI connection. After trying to open the game I can no longer to connect to any other online game or access the internet, until i restart my tablet.

    Device is LG product
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    CoC is stuck at loading screen after update

    After updating i login n switch account but it stuck at loading screen for too long.

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    I am having the same issue, restarting my device didn't work, or restarting my modem n router. Any ideas Super cell
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