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    It seems to be a CoC+LG issue

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    Android red conexion!

    Since it was updated does not let enter the game and destabilizes the entire connection system of my android that is happening? Please

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    Opening app resetting phone's internet

    Now since maintenance break...if currently i m opening my coc is giving error check internet connection..but my internet is working fine... And once i open app i need to restart my internet to work again for other app

    Kindly assist

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianoA3 View Post
    It seems to be a CoC+LG issue
    Ya I'm on LG too.

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    Updated COC to v10.322.4 launch app and get Connection error unable to connect with the server. Check your internet connection and try again. This update disables my internet completely on the phone WiFi and mobile data. I have to reboot the phone to get internet back. I have tried clearing COC data and uninstall reinstalled with the same result with launching COC and it disables internet on the phone. My phone is LG G2 Running Android 5.0.2.

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    I too am getting booted of my WiFi connection....... I don’t know if I should cry or throw my phone against the wall.....scell please fix!

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    I can't connect either; tells me there's an issue with my internet connection. I can connect to Hay Day (for example) without any problems, though.

    Playing on a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.3.
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    Have the same problem! Additionally it crashes completly my internet connection.. after disable and enabling it (WLAN and/or LTE) everthing else works except coc..

    Android 6.0 - LG G4

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    connection error

    After updating the game to open it gives me the error of not being able to connect to the server and automatically pulls the connection or blocks it on my cell phone and I have to turn off the wifi to be able to connect again, it is a serious error that I hope solve fast

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    Unable to connect to server

    Then my entire phone cant access the internet until i restart it. Shows connected but cant find websites. Including youtube app.Tried clearing data and cache uninstall reinstall. Restarting phone makes internet work again but starting clash app breaks it again.

    It appears to be a dns issue? Is the game incorrectly modifying my phones dns table? I can trouble shoot to find the fault in the app but supercell should be doing this.

    There may be many others with same problem but they dont know to restart phone to get back online so they cant post here about it.

    Edit: LG g3 android 6.0
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