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    Android crash

    After update, continuous crash after installing and using once ...? What's wrong supercel...?

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    Forgot to mention that I use Samsung galaxy tablet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deckard View Post
    I know the new maintenance update is supposed to fix this issue but I am here to tell you it hasn't.

    My LG pad has lost connection to Google Play and to the Wi-Fi completely. The tablet is totally screwed up. It will need a factory reset most likely. I would love to find a way to SIMPLY get this account onto an iOS device but it looks like a hassle.

    Maybe SC will read this. So....

    My LG Device and the TH10 account connected to Google Play are incapacitated, crashed, dead. The new maintenance fix doesn't work because Google Play is disabled and will not connect to a working Wi-Fi for it to download. This device has constantly had crash/glitch issues. I would therefore like to switch this google play account to an Apple ID and reinstall it on an iOS device...


    can I do this without fixing the current problem first? (LG device factory reset, reinstall CoC, etc)

    this account had been moved from one android device to another android device at least 1 time, can I do it again? can I change it to an iOS?

    will all this involve the new SC ID? (which I have yet to investigate as it too had bugs)

    I am resigned to the fact that I am probably going to lose this TH10 account with max heros because of a device update SC deemed safe. I don't know if I can rescue it.

    Any SC input would be nice.....

    Yeah, I know.
    SupercellID is not buggy .. very easy to use... just create a new email address for ID. You would need game working on some device before you can connect it to SC id, and then you can go to any device using that ID.

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    But mine is working well...what's wrong with you can you share a screenshot?

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    New optional update to fix crashes still crashing on load on my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet. Not anything on my tablet as another time I can try and it works but then again another time it doesn't work.

    I can be in the game OK, log off and then it crashes immediately when going back in.

    I don't even get the Supercell logo, it just stops.

    Have been seeing more wifi disconnect warnings when I am in the game too.

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    I can't access to my main account

    Full of bugs
    When I tap on my settings games crash instantly I can't access my main account due to this what should I do please tell me

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    Ipad crashes

    Ever since the update my ipad is crashing, sometimes after an hour, sometimes shorter. Also, it seems like the game runs too fast, I have an ipad air, so that shouldn’t be a problem... Anyone have a solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigdome757 View Post
    They fixed it yesterday. There is an optional update in the App Store that you can download to fix the crashing problem.
    This optional update did not help me at all. Even after this optional update, the game was still crashing...

    Please fix this (@supercell).


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    I forgot...

    What iOS version are you running?

    I am on iPadPro with 11.4 and the game version 10.322.3 (th12), awaiting the .8(optional) when it comes: no issue.

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    Arrow bugs fixing

    Please help me supercell.When i open m game it crushes. What can i do to fix this.

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