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Thread: Confused about Derby scoring 🤦🏻♥♀️

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    Exclamation Confused about Derby scoring 🤦🏻♥♀️

    I have recently taken part in the Derby and especially the mystery derby..... I am confused that in that derby and the one ending today.... other Neighbours scored nany more points despite me having completed maximum number of tasks with maximum points? How come this can happen? Rather disheartening to say the least..... if we are all meant to be playing for the same goals within each league...... this rather means I am not on a level playing field to start with! 😟

    Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

    thankyou guys n gals 👍🏻🙋🏻

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    So you took the maximum number of tasks, at maximum points, INCLUDING THE EXTRA?

    - If you didn't take the extra task, that could be the reason.

    And you're playing solo? (or with teammates who ALL also did the above)

    - If you have teammates and they didn't all do a perfect score, there you have it.

    And you're seeing other neighbourhoods ahead of you IN POINTS (So not the same number of points but placed higher) anyway?

    - If, say, you got 1000 points and placed second, and the person who placed first also got 1000 points, it's because they finished earlier.

    If all those things don't explain it, I don't know what's going on but I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be happening.
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    You probably didnt take the 10th task for 10 diamonds, most competitive NH players will do10th task, not much chance of winning a cup if you dont unfortunately.

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