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    hello guys...
    We all always defeat the mega crab and then Dr. T is always crying... why don't you let Dr.T win in the next mega crab... then those people with HQ 16 and above will only be able to fight against it... in a DARK version of the archaepaelego...... our Normal Archaepaelego will be as it is... but there will be a dark version in which Every base has 4 of the "BLACKGUARD's" evil defenses such as 2 super mortars and 2 mmgs... something similar... It would be fun for us as well as for others seeing and destroying the dark archaepaelego.....
    We would be allowed for Seven different landings(according to the stages) just like Hammerman attacks us..... It should always be Dark or Raining in that Archaepaelego....
    At least The troops would be special ones.. thay would look like the tribals defending their mainland... Rifleman would be changed to Foot soldiers( with swords till they are full of health and a knife for the last 10% health)... with a range as long as zookas,... Heavys would be Changed to moltov throwing men with range of RFM .. Zookas should be replaced by dart shooters... Warriors should be replaced by super warriors.... Medics to remain, Grenadiers to be replaced by archers, tanks to be replaced by fire archers( throwing arrows with fire that deal great damage and blast after hitting the target.... schorchers to be removed and cryoneers should be replaced by vampires( they would bite the defenses and make them too slow(depending on the level)......
    GB abilities should ve changed as:
    Artillery - Mortars(as the ones in Chronicles of Narnia II.....
    Flare - remain
    Shock - Freezers( they would be bombs filled of cold water that can reduce the rate of the defense by 60-90 percent( depending on the level)
    Medkit - Midnight Herbs( Some herbs show special qualities when gahtered on a fullmoon midnight)
    Barrage- Arrow shooters( Just the ones which keep throwing arrows continously( You get some pics from the movie I mentioned above( Chronicles of Narnia)...
    Smoke - Remain
    Critters- Crows
    I would write more Ideas related to it soon... please try this thing

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    +1 a new world in boom beach would be fun

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