I am playing derby TRYING to get my Townies Task done and only need the last Mechanic to finish being serviced in the Bed and Breakfast which was supposedly in 1 hour.

I then got a Town Booster to speed up the service time for the Cineplex, Bed and Breakfast and Gift Shop by 15% from the chest. I thought Yes!!! I activated it and checked my Bed and Breakfast to realize the service time got restarted back to 2 hours!!! So I thought if I cancelled the booster then it would go back to the time it was originally but it restarted to 4 hours! Now I have to wait 4 more hours before I can finally complete this Townies Task..

Has this happened to any one else? Is this Booster suppose to do this? It is literally driving me crazy because I was so excited to finish this task that I've been working on for 2 days and now I have to wait 4 more hours! Not to mention I wasted 2 diamonds to add the extra booster!

I know this is just a game but please someone help me calm my nerves.