I have couple of ideas for the game
Now my English isn't that good but i will try my best explaining my idea
First one
The heroes
We use one or two more than the other
Why not put one of the heroes to defend your Base and every one boost one of the defense
I really hope they put something similar to this in the game
Second one
TF vs TF
I know i know but not like clash of clans
Like every tf build a huge HQ with big defenses
And when the war happened everyone of the tf attack the other tf hq
And the one with biggest damage win
But to upgrade your tf hq you need to attack ops and from ops you earn like a special coin
That allow you to upgrade your tf hq
But the TF HQ doesn't get destroyed by destroying the main building that would make it too easy
You need to destroy as much as you can
What do you guys think about my ideas ?