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Thread: Level 12 warclan|UK, USA, AUS, INDIA |age 16+|experienced players

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    Level 12 warclan|UK, USA, AUS, INDIA |age 16+|experienced players

    Level 12 War clan | UK, USA,

    Dobbulla is currently a Lvl 12 war clan, full of active, respectful and experienced members who war back to back. Teamwork is important here.

    256-75-4 war log, will steadily improve.

    Active 24/7 - Based mostly in UK, USA, Australia Germany and India.

    We are looking for active members who care about what clan they join. We want players who want to be part of a team and actively participate in wars, willing to learn and adapt as the game develops. For that reason, we are quite picky.

    Want to know if you would fit us and we would fit you? Check out the info below

    Dobbulla♥are an adult back to back war clan, with most members based in the UK, USA, Germany, India and Australia. Members are generally aged 16-50.

    We have a very solid core of about 30+ members all of which are very strong for their particular levels. We are very picky about who we take in and, more to the point, who stays. That being said, just being a decent human being goes a very long way with us.

    We war back to back, and we war well with 3 star attacks. We use a variety of strategies and are always learning new ways to attack and win wars, something we are very good at.

    We are a respectful group of male and female players, and we expect that same respect from all of our members. The opinions of all members are always taken on board, and if you know your stuff, we don't care what level you are.

    Non-rushed, active players who are decent human beings and enjoy a good laugh. TH8+.

    Our clan is best suited for those who enjoy warring seriously but also like to have a good joke in a friendly atmosphere. We encourage learning and have a Discord where we talk out of game, with the ability to plan attacks, view some Anti 3* bases etc.

    Fit all of the above?♥

    If you think youíll be a good fit, drop by and mention you saw the forum post, or view the contact details down below to reach one of us.

    No matter how many war stars you have , everybody is expected to show that they can, and have adapted to the current version of the game.

    Our war log didnít happen by throwing any old player who happened to join into war, so be prepared to show us some solid friendly attacks. We don't need to see 3 stars first time,we just need to see that you know what you're doing in your attacking strategy.

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    Still looking for a few new members

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