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    Is Use of an emulator still allowed?

    I know a post from supercell about 2 years ago, saying that they wont ban players who use <removed>.
    Of course, it is not supported by them but it isn't against their ToS.

    I had stopped playing for about more than 1.5 years in between, so I want to know, is it still the same, and would I be banned if I use an emulator?
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    error 404
    u can use it i also use it some time
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    Can't discuss it I'm afraid.

    Discussion or promotion of products, free gem, or third party gem sites, competitors' games, illegal activities, drug references, emulators, music/intellectual property piracy is strictly prohibited. This includes any discussions on how to run any Supercell games outside officially supported platforms.

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    Big deal, eh?

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    No you'll not be banned. But it's not a comfortable and suitable platform to play clash. That being said Discussion of it here is not allowed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by freyator View Post
    They don't ban ♥♥ users.

    Holy heck why is it censored?
    Iím guessing you used the B from blue and the S from Stacks? Since even simulated swearing is against the rules it probably is on the sensored list

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    You can use it, But they won't support you if you need help on it.
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    Use of an emulator is not encouraged.

    Thread closed.
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