BOOM BEACH active player is very much. And that means there are thousands of islands in the world of BOOM BEACH. I think it's very impossible that all the islands have the same troop. Nothing different or uniqueness. Therefore, I have a suggestion, what if you give special troops that can be customized as you wish. This has a negative impact, such as unbalanced games. Therefore, given the limit. For example, if a custom troop has a High (Hitpoint), High (Damage), Fast (Att Speed), Long (Range), and a Small (Housing Space). Then the troops could not be made. Then it takes a like like point, where:
1 damage means 2 points
1 hitpoint means 5 points
1 att speed means 3 points, and so on you can (developer) adjust the number of points and points needed for balance. And players can customize troop characters custom, and how to attack custom troops. Maybe with this, every player has its own characteristics. But you (the developer) can test whether this feature works properly.
Do you think this can bring benefits or losses?