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Thread: Toms Time Running Out Too Early

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    Toms Time Running Out Too Early

    I bought Tom for the day to help with my derby task and I used him once right after buying him and I also activated my booster to keep him for an extra three hours. The three hours never got posted to his time and then after he took a nap and I reloaded the game approx maybe 4 hours later after purchasing him, I got the "Thanks for hiring me here's a deal if you hire me again thing"

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. There are some known issues with some of the booster cards, although I have not seen this one reported. The best thing you can do is contact support from within the game using the cog wheel on the the left of the screen. If you happened to take a screenshot include that with your message. Hopefully you will have a positive resolution to this problem.
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    I used a 3-hour Tom booster yesterday and only got one run (Android).

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