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Thread: LeChatFermier’s Complete Farmtoon Collection

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    LeChatFermier’s Complete Farmtoon Collection

    Hi farmers and animals,
    Here is the entire Farmtoons collection in order of posting. Enjoy!

    Not only are the animals spot-on and everything just like in HD-RL (our animals certainly think they are real), the topics are all a trip down memory lane for those who were farming and foruming in the spring/summer of 2016.

    We we miss you, LeChat, but thanks for leaving us so much to enjoy.
    Bring on the World Cup! (Our animals need those weird horns the fans blow.)
    This is particularly hilarious since it dates from the early days of the musical instruments when we were complaining about not having gotten something like an accordion.
    This is in response to an “oops” that meant that it looked like we would only get diamonds rather than the chocolate fountain as a birthday event prize.
    At least the animals like their costumes...
    This was when diamond deco offers were introduced. Sticker shock!!
    Still waiting for some excitement in the fishing area, not to mention some new summer decorations. That kiddy pool is still just about all there is.
    We’re still waiting...
    We’re still waiting for mushrooms and a truffle-hunting pig, too. We’d be happy with just the mushroom log.
    Edit mode could still use some love...
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    Mini, you superstar you! I’ve been going through them search by search. Just got through “The Crocodile”. 🤣 LeChat’s artistry ✍️ is exceeded only by her humour and imagination. What a joy.

    I was on the forum during this time and never saw these. I really should explore the sub-forums more...

    Edit: there were so many I missed using search.😳 Did I say “thank you”? THANK YOU!😻
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