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Thread: Not getting new decos as derby prizes

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    Same for me. I've gotten only 2 new deco, sheep springer and carrot obstacle ��that's all. I am level 163.

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    It sounds like it just another random ‘luck of the draw’ kind of thing... I did manage to get a pig see-saw after a prize shuffle last derby, so at least I know I can get them sometimes.
    Thanks for the replies everyone
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    I am finished with the derby for this week and got all the goal post. Not one of them has a deco. I don’t get to do the derby every week because of my job, so when I do I really look forward to a new deco. I know I can spend diamonds to retry, but there is still no guaranty that I will get a deco.
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    This is the third week in a row that I haven’t gotten any decos as horseshoe prizes. The previous 2 weeks I reshuffled and still didn’t get any decos.

    After SC first introduced the new decos with the last update, I got a deco every week without reshuffling. I don’t know if this is just a matter of luck—or if they made the deco probabilities higher right after the update and have lowered them since them.

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