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    Cool -+-Question Me This-+-QMT Hub V1

    Hi Everyone!

    After a long time, i was thinking why isn't there any QMT hub for Hay Day? So, i just opened one as soon as i could
    Btw welcome to the 'QMT' Hub! A simple way of connecting to your fellow forum members
    Indexes on this Hub:

    1. Introduction - What is a QMT?
    2. Waiting list for QMT
    3. Completed QMTs​


    ~ What is a QMT? ~
    QMTs are basically 'Question me This'. its pretty exactly like AMAs (Ask my anything) where you organize AMA thread and your friends and other members ask you a loads of question about you. And then you have to answer those all questions at your interest within a period of time. it completely depends on the person who hosts an AMA that how long he wanted to last the ama, maybe 1 day, 2 days or one week. here the Title is just different and usually a QMT runs for almost a week in forums. then we give the chance to next person in the waiting list to host his turn of QMT. but again the QMT will last as long as I or the poster themselves feel necessary.

    ~ How and Who can Host a QMT? ~
    Anyone in the forums besides a Banned member can host a QMT. if you feel like you want to give chance to your forumites to know more about you, then do not hesitate. just immediately drop below a request that you want to host a QMT, I will put you in the waiting list and when It is your Turn, I will VM or PM you requesting to start your QMT Thread. once i have told you that its your turn you will have around 24 hours to start your QMT thread. if you fail to start your QMT, no worries, but your name will be put back in the wait list. if you cannot host QMT for some reasons PM me back and I will sort your Turn in the wait list accordingly.
    one last thing, if you have already hosted QMTs back in the past, It is not the end of the world. you can host infinite number of QMTs. just be sure that you do so in a preferred time gap. so people would have questions in mind to ask you.

    ~ Instructions to host a QMT ~
    It is now your turn! You will be sent a PM or a VM asking you to start a new QMT as soon as possible.

    Hey there it's now your turn to host QMT, go to the Hay Day OT sub forum and start your QMT thread, following the instructions. if you are unable to do so or busy with other stuff, then please let me know by VM-ing me
    Now that you have received this message. head towards this sub forum (Off-Topic) and create a thread. The title must be clear to be known its your QMT. enter your username or Nickname with's QMT.
    Hope you got this part. Just a little bit more.
    Example Title: 'Ishmaam's QMT "

    Now in the Text box [Hope you know what that means] add some thoughts about your QMT like now its your turn, you are so exicted, ask me as much as you can or whatever blah blah. then the most important part when creating your QMT thread is that you MUST post these set of rules in your QMT thread for the acknowledgement of other people.


    1. If you would like to host your own QMT, please indicate so on this thread. We will VM/PM you when it is your turn. DO NOT make your own QMT.

    2. Please don't ask questions that break forum rules or force me to make answers that break the forum rules. If it gets ugly, we likely will not be able to do any more QMTs in the future.

    3. Ask as many questions as the host of the QMT will allow, but make them good questions. It's not a competition to see who can ask the most questions.

    4. Answering questions is under my jurisdiction. Which means I won't answer questions I deem to be inappropriate

    After you got that part done, now look at this one:
    After Copy pasting these rules, you are good to go! add your final thoughts and smash the post thread button and wait until your friends or any other sees your thread and asks you bunch of questions

    A note to Questioners: Please be careful about what questions you are asking, follow the above 4 rules and make sure your questions would not be very much personal towards OP or must abide by Forum rules. it is completely the QMT host's Wish that which questions he/she would like to answer and which he/she not.

    I hope I will be able to make a grip on this QMT hub for as long as possible and we don't face any trouble in future.
    Thank you all for taking part in QMTs.

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