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    Happy Halloween......... Love, Michael
    Quote Originally Posted by LynnK2015 View Post
    Speaking of interpretation, I think you want to sign up for a QMT but feel ambivalent about the experience.

    Would you like us to give you some encouragement?

    You asked us many good questions in our QMTs. Would you consider allowing us to reciprocate?

    And no, the above is not the start of your QMT.
    Yes, I had initially intended to host one, but it went in a different direction than I anticipated (NFD on that). We'll see. Have some specific questions if I do?
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    This place called 'smirkland' up in a valley in Hog Mountain
    *after 20 years*

    Well young man this is used to be my office workplace or whatever you kiddos call this days until i retired.

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    Howdy! I have never tried to do a QMT before but I'm super duper intrigued about this, soo sign me up as well please

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