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Thread: Th-7

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    Looking for a home 🙂

    "A heart is not judged by how much you love ,
    but by how much you are loved by others"

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    What is your player tag?
    Leader of Eco Bots
    Clan Tag: #CJUL88LC
    Clan Forum:

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    Hello!! We are the Flame Edge. Join our clan an let's make it fun together
    We, the Flame Edge, Are both a farming and trophy pushing clan. We want our members to be active, attack in clan wars, play clan games, and donate troops. We donate good troops and quick too. You can ask for anything and we'll donate it to you in no time. But you have to be willing to donate troops to our members too. The people with the most donations are our leader and co leaders.

    We are a very fun clan. We joke around but we're not jerks. If you're not good at attacking, it's ok cuz we'll teach you how and share some of our best attacks. Don't be scared to talk in the chat. We love it when our members want to ask something or want to talk about something. I can guarantee what you will have fun in our clan.

    Now let's get to the main stuff.
    Our age requirement is 14-22
    Our language in our clan is English
    To join you have to be town hall 7 or higher
    Some basic rules are:
    1. DON'T be a jerk to other members
    2. Donate as much as possible
    3. Attack in wars or you'll be kicked out
    4. Do clan game challenges and get points

    If you want be promoted to elder then you have to donate troops to player and you have to show us that you care. If you follow all these rules and work hard then you will be promoted.

    Our clan tag is #VRCYP0R8

    We hope to see you soon

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    Check out Reddit Zenith- we are a war focused th6-th9 clan (feeder to Reddit Zen, th9+), with many active members and have hit the top tier of the clan games every time. We require discord, and two passwords to join. If you're interested here's a link to our recruitment post. Cheers!

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    In my home

    🛡About Us🛡
    We are a level 1 clan currently rebuilding and are on the hunt for enthusiastic war/donating players who can make a difference.

    💥How are we different ?💥
    •We are all about quality and not quantity:
    🗨Currently participating in 5v5 wars trying to build a decent war log ruined due to unfortunate events in the past.

    •Will accept a respectful bronze but not an abusing Titan.

    💣What are we looking for?💣
    ☕War Participants who can donate whenever they can(no pressure, it's a win-win situation).
    ☕ Players who involve not only for their own development but also for the development of the others and the clan.
    ☕ Players who are interested to learn.
    ☕Players with a lot of patience (Remember, great things don't happen overnight).
    ☕Mature players who can score at least 1* against their mirrors in war.

    Strategic war discussions take place in our discord channel

    ⚔Clan Tag is as follows:⚔

    Wait! Entering a clan tag is annoying! The clan profile is as follows:

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    Hi there,

    Feel free to check out Yaki Village. We are a family clan with 3 very active players, trying to expand. If you want full details, please visit:

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    Check out FLATLINE 2.0 Level 12 #P9QYU8UR. Part of WichitA #20RJ29PL family clan. Relaxed mature environment. Farm/Clan game/Casual war clan. War is optional not require but we do war and take serious. No Kids. No Drama. No Pressure to war nor 3*. This is Wichita discord server you are welcome to swing by and chat with us. Mention Muoi sent you or from forum in request to join. Have a great day!!!!!

    WichitA (Level 20) Clan Tag #20RJ29PL
    Discord Link
    Wichita Family of 4 Clans Recruiting Thread
    Thanks to TerMinus Prime for the awesome sig/avatar!

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    I am from the Newbie Factory. We are a Level 13 War Clan. We are currently recruiting TH6-TH8 members.

    We are recruiting:
    · Non-rushed bases
    · Responsible members who will attack TWICE in war.
    · Members who can follow rules
    · People who want to be in Wars
    · People who will help out their fellow clan members (especially on donations)
    · Participates in Clan Games

    · Twice a week

    If you are interested in joining:
    · Search for our Clan: Newbie Factory (#2Y9G2ULC)

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    💥#pvuyclr8- Terror Lvl 12- Competitive Th9 and below wars💥 Mates Must be active in CGs or War.


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clan. Put "MD" in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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