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    Electro Dragon Gameplay and Explanation

    Hi guys, I wouldn’t normally post in general but I wanted to share my quick tips and Explanation for the new troop, the Electro Dragon.

    The brand new troop is available at Town Hall 11. YES, that's right you will be able to unlock and upgrade the Electro Dragon to Level 2 at TH11. Once you upgrade to TH12 you can then upgrade to the max level which is 3. Some key things about the Electro Dragon:
    - It can target upto 5 buildings with the Chain Lightning.
    - Each Chain Lightning will do less damage as it scales down for each building.
    - Buildings can only be 1 tile away for the Chain Lightning to connect.
    - It will be 30 housing space meaning you can donate to a Town Hall 9! - You can sometimes snipe off Air Defence due to the Chain Lightning, much like you can use the Bowler bounce, and I have found it great for funneling, especially when there are limited Air Defence. The Chain Lightning attack allows you to get multiple buildings deep. Be sure to let me know how you plan on using the Electro Dragon. Enjoy!

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    No clue about location....doubting if i am really alive.....only a voice within me speaks
    Yay!Thanks Fr Explaining Briefly🤔

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    Judo!! <3

    - Each Chain Lightning will do less damage as it scales down for each building.
    While still subject to change, the damage scales down by 25% for each building it hits.

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    Love how you showed sniping the air defence and the strategy brief overview. A lot to think about up ahead for both attackers and base designers, for sure.
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    error 404
    superb i just want to use this
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    Good info. Thanks!

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    Thanks guys, it is a fun troop to use for sure, cannot wait until we work out more strategies for it!

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    @JuDoSloTh89 don't suppose you have some game play footage of an Electro Dragon in defense?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JuDoSloTh89 View Post
    Thanks guys, it is a fun troop to use for sure, cannot wait until we work out more strategies for it!
    Nice tips Judo.
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    Good initial Tutorial Judo. Excellent work and help!
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