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Thread: Looking for a 25 man TF running MA daily

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    Looking for a 25 man TF running MA daily

    Looking for a new TF running MA or possibly FH daily. Running 5 gbe 5 TD statues now, fairly good/knowledgeable with most of the hits. Would rather the TF not use too many hoppers, love hopping but shouldn't be reliant on them. Get around 120 -150 Intel a week.

    Not interested in 50 man TFs.


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    take a look at "elite beasts" all decent guys with lot sof talent
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    Come join us at Empty Boats, sounds like you would be a great fit

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    Thanks guys but those TFs either were running lower level ops or not running daily. Looking for 25 man, running MA with minimal reliance on hoppers. Thanks.

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    If you are still look8ng We are running MA daily with minimal use of hoppers. Once in the last month. Check us out. Epic Fail UK
    @ Epic Fail UK


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    25 TF "I Am War", Is Now Looking For Dedicated, Friendly And Chatty Playerz.
    Grown up TF, serious players, no freeloaders allowed.

    Were Looking For Good Loyal Players That Can Help Us Fill In The Rest Of The Seat's In Our Pack
    We Do Daily OPz! 300 Victory Points Required To Join!
    30 OPS in the last 30 DAYS

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