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Thread: Rebuilding Active War Clan Looking For Clan Mates Clan Tag #28JQRCOOY !!!!

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    Rebuilding Active War Clan Looking For Clan Mates Clan Tag #28JQRCOOY !!!!

    Hey Guys!!! My name is John- I from North Carolina and Me and A couple friends are looking for some new clan mates to join our rebuilding clan!!!

    We are Called The Knight Hitters Again #28JQRCOOY is our clan tag Join! Join! Join! Need All The Help We Can Get

    We are Currently A LEVEL 4 CLAN
    Vito is our top dona tor- who is a town hall 11
    Then Me John is Second - I am a th10
    Then Flash - He is also a th10

    We Currently Have 7 Members in our clan Yessss 7 So needing some loyal and active base members is our main priority

    Clan Rules: Just Use Both Attacks When In War/ Try Your Best To Be Active And Keep Your Donation Ratio Somewhat Even / Try To Also Either Put Your Icon To Green If You Wanna Be In War and Red If You Dont So I will KNow To Put You In The Next War Or NOt

    We Are Looking For New Clan Mates To Join Our Clan To Also Come And Be Part Of A New Upcoming Family

    We Are Very Friendly And Open Arms To ALL That Join

    Currently Recruiting Town Halls 7+ With At Least 1000 Trophies
    We Are NOT A Strict Clan AT ALL I Want You To Enjoy Playing The Game And Have Fun In Our Clan

    We Are United States Clan so Prefer US Members Mostly But Are Open To UK Also

    I Hope You Consider Joining Us And Becoming A STrong War Clan And Strong Family and Friends Clan

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    Forgot To Mention !!

    War Log- 18 Wins 7 Loses

    Really Need More Loyal Looking For A Home Family Base Members !!!!

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