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Thread: I need a clan!

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    I need a clan!

    I am th9 new plz help me i need clan for clan games which can unlock all tiers i can score maximum points matter which level clan i need active clan only plz leave a reply. Thanks my tag #Y9022U09Y help me plz
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    Are you interested in war as well as clan games?

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    When you get a chance check our clan out! We will take very good care of you


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    Check out U.S Bow Hunters lvl 10 clan currently sitting at 55k clan points and looking to fill spots with th9+ apply or message me your tag if your interested

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    In my home

    🛡About Us🛡
    We are a level 1 clan currently rebuilding and are on the hunt for enthusiastic war/donating players who can make a difference.

    💥How are we different ?💥
    •We are all about quality and not quantity:
    🗨Currently participating in 5v5 wars trying to build a decent war log ruined due to unfortunate events in the past.

    •Will accept a respectful bronze but not an abusing Titan.

    💣What are we looking for?💣
    ☕War Participants who can donate whenever they can(no pressure, it's a win-win situation).
    ☕ Players who involve not only for their own development but also for the development of the others and the clan.
    ☕ Players who are interested to learn.
    ☕Players with a lot of patience (Remember, great things don't happen overnight).
    ☕Mature players who can score at least 1* against their mirrors in war.

    Strategic war discussions take place in our discord channel

    ⚔Clan Tag is as follows:⚔

    Wait! Entering a clan tag is annoying! The clan profile is as follows:

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    Check out Reddit Zenith- we are a war focused th6-th9 clan (feeder to Reddit Zen, th9+), with many active members and have hit the top tier of the clan games every time. We require discord, and two passwords to join. If you're interested here's a link to our recruitment post. Cheers!

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