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    Town Hall 12 - On Thunderous Wing Does Destruction Come...

    Blue-gray clouds darken the skies and the smell of ozone permeates the air. The beating of thunderous wings and an actinic glow, often the first and last thing your enemies see, are the heralds of the Electro Dragon.

    Not only is this new troop one of the largest ever, the Electro Dragon can soak up a moderate amount of damage and dish out punishment that’ll make enemy villages quiver in fear. All that remains after the Dragon’s passing is a lambent glimmer of destruction, for the Electro Dragon spits bolts of lightning that bounces from target to target. This tyrannic pharos doesn’t stop when it hits its first troop or building. The Electro Dragon’s lightning breath weapon strikes its target and will chain-link up to 5 different foes whether it’s an enemy defense or enemy troop reducing in damage by 25% after each arc.

    Bloated with the power of the cyclonic skies, the Electro Dragon is endowed with ionized potential. Once the Electro Dragon receives fatal damage, it releases its stored energy as a final hail of lightning bolts to remind you why he’s the king of storms.

    This massive member of the Dragon family, arrives with the release of Town Hall 12; the first new troop for the Main Village in more than 2 years! Available for players from TH11 and up, the Electro Dragon unlocks when you upgrade your Barracks to level 13.

    The Electro Dragon is here to wreak devastation…

    Troop name: Electro Dragon
    Available at: Town Hall 11
    Barracks level: 13
    Max upgradeable levels:3
    Favorite target: Any
    Targets: Ground & Air
    Housing space:30

    Level Training Cost (Elixir) Training Time (mins) Upgrade Cost (Elixir) Upgrade Time (days) HP DPS Death Damage
    1 36000 24 N/A N/A 3200 240 300
    2 40000 24 9000000 10 3700 270 330
    3 44000 24 11000000 14 4200 300 360
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    E = Electro dragon

    game footage

    Edit: Wonder if we'll see another "ED" spam attack like bowlers or miners when they first got released.
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    Wow nyc electrooooo
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    wow ur quick
    the clash of clans website usually is 2 mins faster than the forums in posting new sneak peeks
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    well that has rained on darians parade.
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    forum is always the last to know

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    Thing looks beast! Surprised it's up on the blog before posted on the forums. Usually it's the other way around.

    Thanks for the awesome sig Alex!

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    Disappointed. Thought something bigger but this troop seems awesome
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    Awesome. This is greatness
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