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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: Who here has acutally found success recruiting new members using fourms?

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    I've had decent success. A member trickles in occasionally from these forums. I recommend posting personalised messages on the threads in "I need a clan" subforum. Having a nice clan banner on your clan thread also helps too.

    On a side note, I had one of the biggest clan threads in the CR subforum, and about 20% of my clan were from these forums.

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    no success but we never really tried all that hard.

    luckily our record and members speak for themselves. word of mouth goes a long way
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyalldaylong72627 View Post
    Did you make your own fourm or did you just recruit players in I need a clan section?
    This was all we did...
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    Almost every clan I have ever joined I found here including my current clan. I think having a thread here gives you an insight into the atmosphere, ethos and leadership of a clan. You can see if they are hard core war players, casual players, 3 star specialists or simply a chilled group of clashers. It is about quality not quantity surely? If you want quantity just have one of your legends pop to global for 10 minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    I've recruited the vast majority of my players through the forum.

    TBH recruiting from the forum is less than desirable and I've often said that I would join a site that did a better job of pairing players and teams. However, at least at this stage, when compared with the other options I think the forum is still the best bet.
    if i was a SC moderator or Darian, i would recruit hundreds of members here....people always look for someone popular or for a famous clan to join
    i recruited 1 or 2 players only and not thru the recruiment forum but here, they messaged to me in private

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnyalldaylong72627 View Post
    I think I am doing something wrong. I have a fair enough fourm. However it has over 3k views and yet less then one percent of my players come from fourms. Why is this? Is my fourm not good enough? Link to fourm:
    Looks like a solid thread to me, but it is really tough to recruit if your not lvl10.
    I'd blame the players more than the forum though, I bet when your clan hits 10 they'll join.
    I never got anyone from the forums when ever I've tried posting.

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    I have had about a dozen members but most have passes though.
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    major success.

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