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    Direct Messaging

    Being able to direct message clanmates and friends would be nice and here's why:

    Clan Mates:
    A certain clan member hasn't attacked in war, and you either have already sent a clan message or don't want to single them out to the entire clan using a clan message.

    You noticed that a friend of yours is active but their clan is not. You are only friends on CoC and not irl or any other social media. You could invite them to come join your clan (since you can't send invited unless an elder or to people who are already in a clan)

    You can discuss attack strategies and base layouts.

    NOTE: I understand why it's not currently a thing, since it could bring about harassment on other players. But if it were limited to clanmates and friends, I think the likelihood of harassment would be very low, along with players already being able to block others.

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    Neither limit would restrict harassment or scammers.

    Friends lists are all but open for many, many players. I receive friend requests from people I've never spoken with, merely because I say hi in a global channel. I reject them all because I don't want to have people other than a select few on my friends list, but that is not the norm. Many people gladly accept any friend request that they receive without screening them. They would then be open to direct messages.

    Clans can be very similar. There are many clans out there that are open to all because they need members. All it would take is for someone to join a clan and they have instant access to all of its members. So again, not a good protection.

    I think SuperCell's stance thus far has been the correct one: CoC is not a social app, and does not need to be turned in to one. If you have people that you know and want to communicate with, then invite them to join you on a social media app like discord, or KiK, or Facebook, etc. You can do this by inviting them to your clan, and then using clan chat to invite them. If they are uninterested in talking to you away from CoC, then they shouldn't be forced by CoC to receive a DM from you.


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