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Thread: Max Th7 Warring Clan Needed!

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    Exclamation Max Th7 Warring Clan Needed!

    Hi everyone,
    As of now I'm going to max th7 and I'm getting there but it may take a few weeks still. Once done, I want an active warring clan in which I can participate in wars. Being th7 has it's advantages being able to 3 star most th7's in war with dragons. I will also be attempting to push up as far as Legend's League soon too so I need a clan that's fine with me requesmaxting often even if i don't donate too much. I'll try and donate as much as I can but until I've got full storage's all elixir will be spent on my army.

    I have experience with the game and have a maxed th9 account and a new th11 account too. Those already have clans.

    Thanks in advance.

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    We have no problem donating as many troops as you need. Requests get filled within seconds. We’re an international English language clan, so someone is always on to donate. The only down side to going in to minus in our clan is that you won’t be promoted. But that’s a choice you can make for yourself. We ask that our new players Have the ability to 3 star a town hall below them, which it sounds like won’t be a problem for you. That’s really more of an issue at higher levels. Come give us a look and see if we would be a good fit


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    Level 11 clan, war back to back, always optional. Drama free clan, we are refined in war and love to win. Great community here, you can really grow as a player with us with war. We do well with clan games and unlock pretty high up on the perk scale. Stop in and chat for a bit.
    Clan name: Not Worthy
    Tag: 9UQURGYJ

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    HI there, I'm in a lvl11 english speaking clan with members from all over the world but most are from the USA. You will always find someone online. We currently war all the time. Clan name is Legion Of War. Clan tag #2cl8y8lp check us out and let me know if you're interested.

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    [ABOUT US]
    Nox Academy is a no-pressure learning clan that focuses on discussing and applying attack strategies in war. This clan is perfect for those who are new to Clash of Clans. It will be a place where you can learn how to 3-star bases and learn how to farm more efficiently while having fun along the way! Mini accounts are also welcome to grow here while sharing their wealth of Clash expertise with those who are just starting out.


    • Join our BAND group at We will be able to reply promptly to questions, you can check out our clan environment and view our strategy library here.
    • We also have a Discord server for the purpose of monitoring our wars, upgrades and achievements. We keep track of the official Clash of Clans Twitter and we maintain a feed of Clash videos uploaded by YouTubers. Ask a Co Leader to get the invite code if you want to keep track of your base progress and to get regular updates.

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