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Thread: how's you doing ? (in your clan)

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    I m a neighbor of vegeta

    how's you doing ? (in your clan)

    Heys clashers with the current war event and star games how you guys are doing because my clan is doing 50 vs 50 wars and we have lost only 1 war in the event (till today) and we have even completed till tier 6 and will complete all the tiers in clan games by tomorrow so you guys also tell how well is your clan doing AND
    how's you doing is a reference to something can you guys tell me what is it
    Hint: popular tv series

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    i hate that show...

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    Man, we've been slaying war lately, I think we have lost 3 in the last 25.

    All clan aspects are running well, tons of donations, finished 75k clan points in 2 days 16 hours and have a solid crew for war that gets along.

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