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Prime rib or lobster?

Prime rib all the way, would be a tough decision between King Crab though

Best golf shot you can recall hitting?

It would be between 3 shots that come to mind: I stuck a tee shot within a foot of the flag on a 190 yard par 3, or once I drove the green on not a terribly short par 4 using a bit of a shortcut paired with a good 10-15 yard draw, or pitching in from 50-60 yards out a couple of times.

Has a duck ever helped you find your ball?

No, but a cat has!! I was working for a couple days in this small town in Arkansas called Ashdown. It had 1 public golf course and I played it while I was there. The course was a joke, I was small fields joined by multiple neighbors properties. You litterally drove through peoples driveways and yards, way out in the country. The fairways were just yard grass and not mown very short. I hit a drive on the 10th or 11th hole in the "fairway" and a housecat came darting out of nowhere to attack my ball, guiding me easily to it.

Have you ever hit a tee shot on 1 hole and have it land on the green of the next hole?

Yes, on several occasions.

Do you believe that both of the above happened to me?

Yes I think anyone who plays on a regular basis will encounter the drive on wrong green and some form of animal vs ball encounter

If you and Orr are walking through the woods and come upon a bear, do you try to outrun the bear or just try to outrun Orr?

I only need to outrun 1 person...just one...sorry Orr

Got any 7 figure jobs the I could take? I mean that Orr could take.

I'm still on the lookout for one of these myself!!

Do you want mustard and or ketchup on your plate of worms?

Mustard would mask the flavor better I feel.

Would you rather be trapped in a pit of snakes or a room full of deadly spiders?

Spiders all the way...

Darth Vader answered to the Emporer. The Joker answered to no one, not even himself. Still going with Darth Vader?

Vader stuck with the Emporer until he could "out force" him and then killed him. Vader would force choke the joker without moving a muscle. Although I feel they would get along well.
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