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Thread: What's the max reward possible from Forlorn Hope?

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    What's the max reward possible from Forlorn Hope?

    Including gold, wood, stone, iron, and diamonds.

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    Hello CattyCat

    I have only limited information based on my research, so I can not give you all the info you need, but some clues!

    1. Your rewards are fixed via XP. In other words, say my mini now 31 account and my 65 account do the same OP together, my 65 account will (and does) get more resources from the boat.

    2.You get "paid" by operation points you earn in the battle. This is then divided per player to calculate a reward. This means smaller sized TFs get more rewards for doing the same job as a larger TF. That is, say a 10 man TF and a 50 man TF do the same OP, each member of the 10 man gets a better reward than each man of the 50 man.

    3. The exception to rules 1 and 2 are diamonds. Diamonds are ONLY affected by how much damage you do.

    4. A perfect FH has never shown to offer more than 29 diamonds.

    Now in theory, FH CAN be beaten by a 10 man team. The current record I was aware of is 11 hits by Angry Turtles.

    So perhaps if you could find out what you are paid in resources per operation point and multiply that by 182 (1820 in FH/10 man team), you in theory could calculate your max resources!

    Will return to thread after some Deep math.

    Edit: After taking a max level mordys stone reward, multiplying it by 50 for the TF he was in, dividing it by 1600 for massive attack, then multiplying that by 182 for a 10 man beating FH, I got 8,633,625 of wood, stone, or iron.



    Wood/Stone/Iron: 8,633,625

    Hope this helps
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