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    Missing wreath on fence
    Extra red leaf on Poinsettia
    Missing seed in the potato(?) field
    Missing light on christmas tree in first picture
    Missing stone in back wall
    Crack in pond is longer
    Lock on the box near the telescope
    Leaf missing on the top of the salad bench
    Missing filling on sushi roll logo
    Snowman missing part of left hand

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    The differences are :
    1. The left hand of the snow man is missing a finger.
    2. The crack in the lake.
    3. The yellow lights on the Christmas tree are not connected.
    4. The sign on top of the sushi bar.
    5. The red plant on the right side of the sushi bar is missing a leaf.
    6. The white fence is missing a red ribbon.
    7. The white fence has four small red dots.
    8. The box near the Christmas tree has a key hole.
    9. The extra carrot in the second picture.
    10. The top right of the picture has three brown marks while the other one has two.

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    There is a wreath missing on the fence
    The Snowman is missing part of his arm
    The logo on the sushi stand doesn't have the filling in the centre
    The box near the telescope had a lock
    The christmas tree has an extra light
    The field has a seed missing
    The plant has a leaf that is red where previously green
    The salad bench is missing a leaf on the ivy at the top
    The back wall is missing a stone
    The pond's crack is larger

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    10 differences

    1. red and green dots on sushi sign
    2. red dots on fence
    3. red ribbon on fence
    4. snow man's finger
    5. number of leaves in salad bar
    6.line on the box near the telescope
    7.crack in the frozen pond
    8.number of dots in the brick
    9.leaves of poinsettia lights

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    10 diffs

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    Holiday Differences Answer

    1. Missing brick top right corner.
    2. Missing bow in fence.
    3. One crack in the ice is longer.
    4. Tree lights are not connected.
    5. Missing potato top left plot.
    6. Missing line on box beside telescope.
    7. Missing dot on sign on top of sushi bar.
    8. One hand on snowman is shorter.
    9. Missing a petal on poinsettia.
    10. Leaf on top of salad bar lower right corner.

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    10 differences

    Snow mans hand is longer
    wreath is missing
    carrot missing from field
    plant on salad bar missing leaf
    box by telescope missing part
    top of sushi bar missing dots
    light missing on tree
    brick is missing in top right corner
    crack in ice
    plant by sushi bar has extra leaf

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    We have the winners and they are known on the forums using the nicknames: dcm1522, PettesoN & Mille!!! Congratulations!! I will contact you personally, so please check your inbox here on the forums soon!!

    Here are the correct differences:

    Thanks to all of you who participated!! Keep your eyes & ears open for more sweet events coming up!!


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