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    10 differences spotted!

    I couldn't insert the attachment so I had to use an external website to get the image's url. Hope that's fine!

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    10 missing items

    Hi these are my ten items.

    1. Poinsettia flower missing a petal.
    2. A light is off on the Xmas tree.
    3. A brick is missing from the upper right corner
    4. There is a crack in the pond.
    5. Chest is missing the lock/key hole
    6. Bow missing from the middle fence.
    7. Snowman's hand is shorter.
    8. Sushi logo is missing the center
    9. Leaf from the decor above the salad bar is missing.
    10. A tomato from the field is missing.

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    Spot the differences

    Missing wreath in corner on fence

    Missing light on strand on the christmas tree

    Extra poinsetta petal on plant next to sushi stand

    Sushi stand signs are different

    Step by the telescope

    Crack in the pond.. one is shorter than the other

    Upper right hand corner of picture top pic has 2 brown spots bottom pic has 3 spots

    Vine across food prep stand at bottom right corner of pic is different. One is missing a leaf.

    Snowman hand

    Holly berries around the corner post that is missing the wreath

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    spot the differences

    1. chest next to telescope is missing lock
    2. sushi stand icon missing green and red on sushi roll
    3. ice on pond is cracked more
    4. missing gold bead in Christmast tree
    5. snow man hands is longer
    6. one more leaf in salad bar
    7. ribbon on the fence is missing
    8. missing leaf on poinsettia by sushi bar
    9. upper right corner side wall is missing a brick
    10. leaves on plant not separate

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    10 differences in the two images :

    1. at the top, right side, there is a lower part of diary machine that has 3 stones mark
    2. 4th layer of the small yellow lights on holiday tree
    3. yellow dots on potato field
    4. red dot in the middle of black circle, on the top of sushi bar
    5. the crack on the small frozen pond
    6. the snowman's finger near the pine tree
    7. red leaf on the holiday flower near the sushi bar
    8. green leaf that sticks on the top of salad bar
    9. red ribbon on the holiday fence
    10. yellow mark on the box under the holiday tree

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    Spot the Differences: Holiday Edition

    Missing red dot in label of sushi bar
    Red bow missing on fence
    Gold bead missing in Christmas tree
    Lock on tool box is missing
    Leafs on plant not separate
    Snowman's left hand is longer
    The crack in lake is longer
    One more leaf in the salad bar
    Rock on the upper right side is missing
    Berries on the fence post where the bow was

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    Lightbulb Hay day spot the 10 differences

    1) ribbon in the fence
    2) wreath in the fence
    3) stones in the uppermost right corner
    4) middle finger of the snowman
    5) leaves/vine crawling in the vegetable bench (upper has 9; lower has 8)
    6) chest box lock beside the telescope
    7) circle icon in the roof of the sushi bar
    8) the shine of the potato planted in the field
    9) poinsettia beside the lettuce field (numbers of red flower/leaf differ)
    10) christmas light hanging over the christmas tree (one light missing in the middle)

    hope i'll win! I really want to.
    salamat (thank you)!

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    1. Sushi stall logos are different
    2. Telescope stool missing a notch
    3. Garland fence (second post from left) has a bow
    4. Poinsettia next to sushi stall has extra petals
    5. Christmas tree light missing (4th row)
    6. Missing leaf on salad bar (top)
    7. Missing brick at the dairy
    8. Snowman's left hand is different
    9. Frozen pond has less crack
    10. Missing potato (or something) in the white flower field (I haven't unlocked this particular crop yet)

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    Spot the differences: holiday edition

    1.ribbon on fence is missing
    2.lock on box by telescope is missing
    3.crack in ice is longer
    4.wall on top right side has 3 bricks instead of 2 green on sushi cart sign is missing on poinsettia is missing
    7.berries on fence post are missing
    8.right hand middle stick on snow man is longer
    9.9 leaves on vine on salad cart instead of 8
    10.more beads in bead string on 4th row down on christmas tree

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    Spot the difference

    (1) flower on wreath missing on fence (2) crack on frozen pond is smaller (3) latch missing on box beside telescope (4) design missing on Sushi Bar (5) snow mans hand is smaller (6) potatoes missing (7) poinsettia flower missing (8) leaf missing on Salad Bar (9) gold ball missing on garland,4th row from bottom of tree (10)berries on fence

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